On the Case: Exploring Real World Art Law Issues

If the experts won’t tell you if your art is authentic, who can tell you?

A perennial problem facing the art market is how to treat legitimate works of art which for one reason or another have not been labeled as “authentic” by past or existing authentication committees —the boards that are often established after a prominent artist’s death to protect his or her legacy. As it happens, this past February and March saw several significant lawsuits involving just such artist authentication committees. Continue reading “On the Case: Exploring Real World Art Law Issues”

Brothers in Law on Corporate Affairs — When Art and Business Mix




Hi, guys! My boss, Herb (copied above), asked if you could give some quick, free legal advice on our corporate art collection. I am running to a deposition, but let me know. Thanks!

INFO@DANZIGER We don’t usually give free advice to nonclients via e-mail, but what’s your question?

JOE@PONZICORP Our SVP of marketing is buying a series of photographs from our company that he originally purchased for our corporate massage room. He offered us the original purchase price, but wouldn’t the photos have appreciated in value since then?
P.S.: No need to loop in Herb (poor guy—he was fired during lunch). Continue reading “Brothers in Law on Corporate Affairs — When Art and Business Mix”